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Our Story

During a trip to South East Asia, Alia, Kaaju’s co-founder, came across the rich combination of curry leaves with cashews and brought the recipe to her home in New York, where she started sharing the delicious mix with a small circle of friends. After being encouraged by her eager consumers to launch this as a product, Alia produced small batches at her house under the label of Kaaju, for a growing circle of fans, and ultimately brought it to the attention of New York délis and stockers. Meanwhile, Kaaju started taking shape in local Beirut markets, with new flavors inspired by local tastes and faraway ones. Based on growing demand and loyal customers, Kaaju launched its brand in 2016 as a women and family-run startup that makes earthy tidbits for international lifestyles, inspired by rich culinary cultures from South East Asia, West Asia, Africa and South America, committed to being 100% natural, gluten free, paleo-friendly, small batch, vegan, and never processed. We hope you enjoy our products made with love and care and that you follow us in our journey to share our values and story in new homes !

Our Values

Human Dignity and Community Building / Fair Direct trade

Mother Nature is our Compass / Sustainability and low carbon emission

Vegan Natural Unprocessed food / Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

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